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On the evening of the 15th of February 2014 as ‘Hope” lay dying, I promised her, while I still draw breath I would make it my life mission to see to it that her story was told & that HER…


Welcome to the Hope for Horses website! This campaign group was created in February 2014 to highlight the plight of horses grazed at Fosse Park, Leicester.  The circumstances surrounding these horses prove the UK equine welfare and passport laws are…


Leicestershire Equine Active Group   Leicestershire Equine Active Group. Is the brainchild of Jane Aubrey. It’s aims are to get a group of volunteers together to go out to different venues around Leicestershire & beyond, on a mission to raise…



Petition Packs

CAN YOU HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE? We  some petition packs for emailing out , for you  to distribution to local shops, tack shops, clubs etc. They contain flyers, petition sheets and literature. If everyone following gets 50 signatures we will have thousands…

Signing Event

If anyone is organising a petition signing or awareness session at a show or public event of some kind, please feel free to let us know about it & send in some photos too ! It’s great to hear what…

Hope Flyer

WW1 Sacrificed

  Today marks the centenary of the beginning of World War One. During the conflict the British Army deployed more than a million horses and mules including over 1,000 shipped from North America. They provided the backbone to vast logistical…

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This is incredibly grim but I felt it so important to highlight a totally horrific http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/66742 

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