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On the evening of the 15th of February 2014 as ‘Hope” lay dying, I promised her, while I still draw breath I would make it my life mission to see to it that her story was told & that HER…

Worried About A Horse?

What to do if you find an equine in trouble The following information has been copied from the British Horse Society: Our team of over 200 volunteer Welfare Officers are spread throughout the UK and can investigate reports of equine welfare concerns….

Who We Are

We are a campaign group which strives for implementation of UK animal welfare law in respect of equines. Our founder is Mark Johnson, a Leicestershire farrier, who by chance discovered a little mare dying from neglect in appalling circumstances. He made…


Letter to MP We Need YOUR Help

There are laws to protect the welfare of equines and their identification what does this mean for these horses, NOTHING, read their story then support. highlighted by our friend at FOSH  and  our campaign petition that is demanding that the…

OVER 10,000 SIGNATURE ON Paper Petition

Now OVER TEN THOUSAND! Hard copy signatures & the total rising by the day thank you all so much , keep collecting folks Having a party this Xmas/New Year? Why not get a pack and ask all your friends to sign…


Petition Packs

CAN YOU HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE? We  some petition packs for emailing out , for you  to distribution to local shops, tack shops, clubs etc. They contain flyers, petition sheets and literature. If everyone following gets 50 signatures we will have thousands…


UK Horses Crisis

This campaign means so much to so many of us & everyone’s continued support is vital to its success! But, just for a while please look outside of Leicestershire to our national friends as Horse Crisis is a national wide…

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Come & See US @ Your House Live@ STALL 456 ( opposite Equissage, on the corner)  this weekend a great chance to meet the small team behind Hope For Horses Campaign, and hand in your petition sheets, get a new…

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Hope Flyer

WW1 Sacrificed

  Today marks the centenary of the beginning of World War One. During the conflict the British Army deployed more than a million horses and mules including over 1,000 shipped from North America. They provided the backbone to vast logistical…

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