Our Timeline

Here are brief details of the Hope for Horses campaign so far:

27/02/15 Paper petition total reaches 11,200 signatures.
14/02/15 Anniversary protest at Old Palace Yard, London.
10/12/14 Peaceful protest outside Defra HQ, London.
03/12/14 The Fosse herd are permanently moved off the dangerous and contaminated site.
26/11/14 The paper petition has reached over ten thousand signatures.
22/11/14 721 paper signatures received this week.
16/11/14 Leicester Christmas Lights Switch On and members of Hope for Horses and Leicestershire Equine Active Group (LEAG) were at the Clock Tower collecting signatures.
8 + 9/11/14 A fantastic response to the Hope for Horses stand at Your Horse Live show with 2,897 signatures obtained and lots of petition packs handed.
24/10/14 We are pleased to hear Julian Sturdy MP’s private member’s bill on fly-grazing ‘The Control of Horses Bill’ successfully passed its second reading at the House of Commons.
8/10/14 Hope for Horses protest outside DEFRA HQ in London.
24/9/14 Hope for Horses welcome the news that the UK is to introduce a new Central Equine Database.
19/9/14 Petition signatures reach 7,000.
3/9/14 Hope for Horses welcome the horse welfare organisations report on fly-grazing ‘Stop the Scourge’.
26/8/14 Hope for Horses protest outside DEFRA HQ in London.
25/8/14 Petition signatures received exceed 5,000.
8, 9 + 10/8/14 Hope for Horses collect 853 signatures at Cropredy, Fairport.
25/7/14 The online petition reaches 799 signatures.
2/7/14 Leicestershire Equine Active Group (LEAG) collect signatures outside Pets at Home.
24/6/14 Hope for Horses new website launched: http://www.hopeforhorses.co.uk
21/6/14 Leicestershire Equine Active Group (LEAG) collect signatures outside Pets at Home.
7 + 8/06/14 Over 500 petition signatures are obtained during awareness sessions at the Clock Tower, Leicester.
05/06/14 An anonymous supporter offers to purchase floor space and pay electricity costs for Hope for Horses to have a stand at Your Horse Live in November.
02/06/14 The Fosse Park fields are densely populated with buttercups, showing the acidity of the soil and how inappropriate it is for grazing horses.
30/05/14 Mark meets with Leicestershire County Council, Trading Standards, Police and RSPCA.
22/05/14 Mark helps Police with their enquiries.
21/05/14 Final draft of Hope for Horses petition posted on Facebook page for consideration.
20/05/14 RSPCA are called at 7.32 a.m. and informed of miniature mare in distress while foaling (falling over and with crows attacking her). RSPCA advise mare should be left alone. Field walkers find mare still struggling at 6.30 p.m. and call RSPCA, who arrive after 9 p.m. Foal is stillborn but attending vet treats the mare with antibiotics. Field walkers stay with the mare until she is fully recovered at almost midnight. She is returned to the herd (which contains a full-size stallion).
17/05/14 The Fosse herd escape and it takes many calls to the Police and 24 hours for the owner to round them up, herding them with his car. They are videoed cantering along the tow path. Escapes onto the tow path and Gilmorton estate are a regular occurrence and have been happening for at least ten years.
15/05/14 A pregnant mare, along with at least 20 other herd members, was found fly grazing at Gilmorton Avenue.
15/05/14 Mark uploads video of the hazards in the field behind Fosse Park retail park: fallen barbed and sheep wire; rubbish; the toxic drainage ditch; deep mud; and lack of fresh drinking water.
15/05/14 Feedback is sought for the wording of the new petition ‘Hope for Horses’.
13/05/14 Exhibitor sought at Your Horse Live (8-9 November 2014) who could provide some space to raise awareness of the Hope for Horses campaign.
13/05/14 Hope for Horses peaceful protest outside DEFRA head office in London.
02/05/14 Mark meets with RSPCA and Police.
16/04/14 “Hope” For Horses. Help the horses of Fosse Park, Leicester. Peaceful Protest.
04/05/14 Hope for Horses Day
27/04/14 New born foal removed and euthanized and horses back on land behind Fosse retail park.
11/04/14 Stillborn foal found in field.
31/03/14 Hope for Horses Press Release.
14/03/14 The herd are moved from the dangerous land behind Fosse Retail Park to the other side which, although still a flood plain, has less hazards and more natural shelter. The owner has agreed to provide a continuous supply of hay and in due course see to their worming needs. The land owner (Everards) makes assurances no horses will be grazed on the land after July.
10/03/14 More than 40 horses remain on the Fosse Park site.
06/03/14 Independent veterinary inspection carried out on site at Fosse Park.
21/02/14 Peaceful Protest To Help The Fosse Park Horses (LE19 1UT).
21/02/14 BBC article: click here
20/02/14 Some of the Fosse Park herd are moved under supervision of the RSPCA to a safe location.
19/02/14 Help the horses of Fosse Park, Leicester Facebook page reaches over 40,000 likes.
17/02/14 The two decomposing corpses are removed from the field.
15/02/14 Mark discovers a mare lying in cold flood water at Fosse Park, too weak and undernourished to stand and with her foal watching. There are also corpses of two other horses in an advance state of decomposition. Mark calls the RSPCA and Fire Brigade who are able to lift the mare to dry ground but an independent vet decides she must be put to sleep. Mark names her Hope and, as he kneels by her side, promises her death will not be in vain.

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