Who We Are

We are a campaign group which strives for the implementation of UK animal welfare law in respect of equines.

Our founder is Mark Johnson, a Leicestershire farrier, who by chance discovered a little mare dying from neglect in appalling circumstances. He made her a promise – that he would do his best to ensure she did not die in vain. When Mark told her story on Facebook in early 2014, nearly 45,000 people joined his campaign for change, and continue to support our efforts.

Due to the hard work of this campaign, along with Equine Active Group the Fosse herd have been moved and the site permanently closed to grazing.  Other horses around the country are not so fortunate.

The UK’s horses are protected by animal welfare laws, which clearly make neglect a criminal offence. Yet the law is rarely enforced and thousands of horses are suffering – and dying – at the hands of neglectful owners. Each case is a tragedy and we are in the grip of a national crisis.  More and more equines are paying a terrible price as overbreeding, collapsing prices and rising costs leave more and more innocent horses and ponies literally on the scrap heap.

Our campaign – through peaceful but determined protest, petitioning and persistent pressure on the agencies involved – will not rest until the Government ensures local authorities fully enforce the law, each and every time a horse is at risk. The police and local Trading Standards must investigate cases of neglect, act swiftly to prevent suffering, and prosecute owners who have committed offences by neglecting, abandoning and otherwise failing to ensure the wellbeing of the horses in their care.

Starting with Leicester where our story began, we want to see each and every council identifying and DELIVERING a workable protocol for addressing horse welfare cases. They should be working together with the police and seeking support from welfare agencies such as RSPCA and local/national horse sanctuaries to put horse welfare first in resolving problems of neglect. We want the law enforced, we want offenders prosecuted, and we want the UK’s horses safe and well cared for as they so dearly deserve.