Action Portfolio

Again and again!  We are bombarded by images and stories of horses in distress but now there IS a difference: we are building a Portfolio for Action.  If you are moved enough to make a comment on Facebook about one of the many dreadful images we see …

Can you?  Come forward and help create a lobby group to enter Parliament.  We are ready to do this!  Email us at

Can you?  Print off and send our standard MP letter, or if you wish customise it so it is more personal to you.   Click here to download our standard letter  (If you are using a Mac and are unable to download the letter please PM or email us at and we’ll email you a copy).  Alternatively, click here for some wording you may like to use in your correspondence to raise awareness.

Can you?  Help push our paper petition and take advantage of our free post service.  EVERY signature counts!  Click here to download our petition sheet.

Can you?  Help raise the profile of our campaign by distributing our flyer?  Click here to download Hope’s flyer.

Can you?  Email Downing Street directly, copy and paste your Facebook comment on your chosen issue and include a link.

Horse sanctuaries and charities working on the front line of this crisis don’t have the time for this!  Nor I doubt the physical or mental energy as they pour every last ounce into the work they do on the ground.  We MUST do this for them mustn’t we?

Mark & The Team