NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED – 26th April 2017 (12pm till 2pm)
Portcullis House, London, SW1A 2JR

While we still play by the rules our government chooses to ignore the continued equine suffering and abuse which is becoming rife in our country and which they were clearly warned of back in 2012.

For these last three years we have been considerate in the images we’ve allowed to go on public display while protesting, well not any more!

When we protest outside Portcullis House and DEFRA in London the images we will now use will be of the most extreme graphical content we can display.

In these sensitive areas of London it is amazing who one may meet passing by and we now intend to ram this suffering down the throats of those who have the power to make the difference.

Anyone who has the stomach for this will be welcome, although we still intend to conduct ourselves in the usual peaceful and polite manner as is our trait.


Do you have an event we could attend?  If so please email us: