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The UK is currently in the grip of a national horse crisis.  The problem was highlighted by the main equine organisations as far back as 2012.  Their report ‘Left on the Verge’ gives an excellent overview of the problems and solutions (available from: Left On The Verge – In the grip of a horse crisis).

Every day social media exposes another case of neglect.  In every instance laws are being broken, particularly the Animal Welfare Act 2006, yet rarely are prosecutions brought against the owner.  The responsible bodies (local authority, trading standards and police) often cite lack of resources as the main barrier or that the animal’s owner cannot be traced (another law may be being broken here as all equines born since 1 July 2009 must be micro chipped within 6 months of birth or 31st December of that year, whichever is later – are these being checked?).  The new Central Equine Database is a step in the right direction, but only if it is enforced!

All the while it is the horse that suffers.  This has to stop!

I am not asking for any new laws to be passed, just that the existing ones are enforced.  Surely the fines raised from prosecutions could be used to provide the necessary resources?