Template MP Letter

There are laws to protect the welfare of equines and their identification, but what does this mean for these horses?  NOTHING!  Example of how the existing laws are not being enforced can be found all over news and social media.

Having this in mind we’ve put together a template letter which can be printed off, signed and sent to those in authority (the Prime Minister, MPs, your local councillors etc.).  The most you need to do is write your address in the top right hand corner, sign and date it.   Alternatively, edit it to suit whatever you want to say, simply use it to get you started.

Unlike an email, each time the Prime Minister receives a letter someone is obliged to write back.  What would happen in Downing Street if the Prime Minister received a letter from each person who is angered by a horse abuse case highlighted on Facebook?  If we all really went for this it would be mayhem and would certainly help focus attention on the current horse crisis. Can we do this?  It really couldn’t be much simpler and the result could be dramatic!!

Where abused horses are concerned, DONT get angry – GET busy!

Thank you
Campaign Management Team