What You Can Do

Here are some of the ways you can help:

PETITION – print off a sheet (or 10!), collect as many signatures as possible and return to us (our PO Box is shown on the petition form).  Don’t worry if you don’t manage to fill up the whole form – we can always use them to obtain further signatures at signing events and shows.

CAMPAIGNS – we encourage everyone to send letters and emails to key contacts such as DEFRA, Trading Standards and the RSPCA to continue to keep horse welfare on their agenda and to push for a change.

Click here for example wording for your letter/email
Click here for details of who to write to
Click here for Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006

SPREAD THE WORD – ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page (Hope for Horses UK) and share it as widely as you can.  Use your Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to share our story and gain support.  You don’t need to ask, just forward the story to whoever you think can help us: media, celebrities, horse world contacts – whatever you can come up with!

MERCHANDISE – for information on where you can buy t-shirts and other Hope for Horses merchandise click here.

PROTESTS – we would love you to attend our protests which are announced on our Events page and on Facebook.  These are always lawful and safe – they are co-ordinated with the local police, with stewards in place.

LEAG – if you are located in Leicestershire and would like to help please support Equine Active Group (EAG).

FINANCE – we are not a registered charity and we do not collect money for the campaign.  If you would like to donate to help horses there are many very deserving horse sanctuaries and rescue/rehoming centres desperately in need of financial support.

REHOMING A HORSE OR PONY – we frequently receive messages from people who would like to rescue one of the horses featured in our stories.  It is very unlikely such horses can simply be taken and rehomed as many already have owners.  If you can offer a good home to a neglected horse then please contact one of the many horse sanctuaries.  This frees up a space for them to admit another desperately needy animal.